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Creative Hands Embroidery

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Patriotic Christmas

Set 1

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This is the first of many designs to come.This set can be purchased for $10.00.Keep checking back..


Set 2

angel.gif (15941 bytes)                  Elf Feeding Deer.gif (12483 bytes)                 Funny Bulbs.gif (12411 bytes)                 Angel-1.gif (8291 bytes)                 angel-2.gif (10514 bytes)

world peace.gif (12344 bytes)                 snowman2.gif (8192 bytes)                  snowman.gif (8280 bytes)

I know I took longer to get these up than I thought.. I hope you enjoy them.. The one with the Dove and the World should say World Peace, it can be used to go above a pocket..This set is $14.99.. Thank you so much..Just click on the paypal logo to purchase them or you can go to the order page to pay by check or money order..

Please E-Mail me to let me know what you think.. 

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